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Chief Moses Middle School
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9/5 Parent Letter



Dear Parent and/or Guardian:


Brodi is currently a Therapy Dog in Training but will be certified very soon. Brodi works with Mr. Mason, school counselor, in the counseling center and will be available to assist in the day to day activity in the counseling office and the building throughout the year.

Therapy dogs have been utilized in schools throughout the country to help alleviate school anxiety and depression and can help students develop a better sense of self-worth and trust. Working with a Therapy Dog can help students stabilize their emotions, improve their communication and socialization skills.  We are excited for the opportunity to have a Therapy Dog at Chief Moses and look forward to lots of smiling faces from staff, students and parents that interact with Brodi.

If your child has allergies that are affected by exposure to pet dander or may have an aversion for or fear of dogs, please notify Mr. Mason in the counseling center or Penny Mayo our school nurse and we will make arrangements whenever necessary for your child to have access to the counseling center without Brodi present. The counseling center will be vacuumed and cleaned every night to help alleviate any allergy issues.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call Mr. Mason in the counseling center at 766-2661 ext. 2183.